With his first day of earning in New year, Gym owner plans to buy Panna Diamond mines


Gym Owner happy with revenue on first day of New year

Delhi/India: As new year begins and Gym owner across world are exciting to bring more clients to make them fit and healthy but people are interested in something else.

“It’s true that I am going to buy Panna diamond mines and thanks to all enthusiastic gym-goers that they take membership for entire year and visits gym for one day”, Delhi Gym owner, Rajiv Arora, said to StupidNews.

“The first day of every new year is like Navratri festival for us and the only difference is it is only for one day. Last year we had opened temporary gyms in tents and from there I opened one permanent shop”, Arora explained his journey from “Gyms in tents to buy Panna diamond mines”.

In order to impress PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Fit India’ campaign, lot of his followers and supporters also joined gym for one day by taking full one year membership and that could be the reason that Gym owners see almost 10000% increase in their revenues in the first day of new year itself.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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