Yogendra Yadav files case against Rihanna for not appreciating his efforts for blocking highways

Yogendra Yadav giving stern looks to Rihanna

Yogendra Yadav giving stern looks to Rihanna

New Delhi/California: Yogendra Yadav, turned Politician from Psephologist then turned Farmer activist before he became Budget analyst for 2 days, is unhappy and filed a case against famous pop singer Rihanna.

When asked why you have filed a case against Rihanna, “I dedicated my entire life for the progressive India by blocking Highways and giving speeches that incited farmers but my contribution has always been ignored by many people. So this time I have decided to file a case against her for not tagging me in her tweet”, Angry Yadav replied to a StupidNews reporter.

Meanwhile another farmer leader, Rakesh Tikait has also expressed his unhappiness for not getting tagged in Rihanna’s Tweet.

Unconfirmed sources have revealed that Yogendra Yadav has talked to his counterpart in USA and make sure that in next Celeb’s tweet his name must come else he will withdraw his name from Farmer protest.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is a piece of humor and Satire.

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