Tim Paine forces Rishab Pant for the marriage in order to get babysitter role for Pant’s Kids

Tim Paine forces Rishab Pant to get married as soon as possible

Tim Paine forces Rishab Pant to get married as soon as possible

Gabba/Brisbane/Delhi : The Australian captain, Tim Paine, known for banter behind the stumps, has been caught by Stump mic when he tries to find a new role after Aussies dismal Test series against India.

“Hey Rishab, you must get married as early as possible. I wanna babysit for your kids so that you can take your wife to the movies while I’ll take care of your kids”, Stump Mic reveals the conversation where Paine forces Rishab Pant to get married.

When StupidNews reporter asked Tim Paine why he is teasing Rishab Pant, “I am not teasing him, actually I am looking for a new role as babysitter for Rishab’s kid”, Tim Paine rejects the sledging banter and instead, as per our reporter, Paine looking for new role may be of Babysitter after the poor performance of his team against India in the just concluded Test series.

When news of conversation between Rishab and Paine reaches India, Pant’s Parents are very happy that someone is forcing Pant’s to get married. His mother is ecstatic and eagerly waiting for Pant’s to return.

Unconfirmed rumors are reporting that Ravi Shastri has already booked Hotel Taj’s bar for the complete one month to celebrate Rishab Pant’s marriage.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is a piece of humor and Satire

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